Life is almost always unfair, but life loves the person who dares to live it. It is hard, yeah, but it would be irresponsible to be pessimistic in a world full of possibilities.

I don't pick who I fall in love with. But if you could really sing, it helps.

Imagine if life would start as early as 1. We get to finish studying at 16 and start working until we’re 20. Wouldn’t it be nice to retire at a young age, do whatever we can that an old body can’t? So that when we grow old, all that’s left to do is die and we wouldn’t even have to worry about it.

Just me, wondering again…

I hate it, how words work.

No matter how it is delivered, verbal or written, it can definitely hurt you. 

Yet it will never be enough for comfort, verbal or written, no matter how you deliver it.


It’s having yourself defeated in an argument that never started.

"Last sex na natin bukas for this year."

Coz supposedly it’s gonna be our first Christmas and New Year together but he’s going out of town and I’m gonna be left here so yeah, we’ve had our exchange of gifts and tomorrow will be the time for fireworks.

I want to punch you, in the face, with your words.

When somebody breaks their promises, swallowed the things they have said to you - the things that have hurt you. If only words can be used as something to hit someone in the face.

"Why is it pretty girls think they can treat people like crap and get away with it?"

Wanted: Psychologist friend

or a doctor perhaps…

Does it happen to you? When you’re just sitting in one corner playing your favorite video game or just reading your favorite book or indulging in your favorite dessert then all of a sudden you hear voices - not from around you but from inside your head. Its like a million people talking to you all at the same time. You try to catch some words but every time you get some, words after words come jumbling, banging in your head making the thoughts more unfathomable. They overwhelm you by their great speed making you focus all your senses into them. Sooner you will feel the heaviness it brings you, the faster you try your mind to engage to the words the slower you feel your body reacts to what you’re doing. You start loosing your grip to your device or your book or your spoon, your body slows down yet your mind still chases the voices it hears. Until the dizziness intervenes and you’ve got nothing left to do but succumb to it. Can somebody explain why this occurs?

"From the moment we’re born, we are drawn to form a union with others - an abiding drive to connect, to love, to belong. In a perfect union we find the strength we cannot find in ourselves but the strength of the union cannot be known until it is tested.

You don’t deserve him.
You are better off alone.
You arrogant one.

Anonymous asked: I don't sing... I can give you my world though. :"> I'll cuddle with you on bed, I'll make breakfasts for you, I'll give you love letters every month ♥ I'll do everything for you just name it. It's not that much but.. hey I hope you consider it :"> Iloveyousomuch.

You don’t know how nice this is, but I do. I know you baby. I know. ^_^

I don’t know if some fucking genius already has credits for this quote, but if no, remember my name. I thought of it myself.
Photo by arvin0428

I don’t know if some fucking genius already has credits for this quote, but if no, remember my name. I thought of it myself.

Photo by arvin0428

What if my cat jumped at me, cutting my arm vertically - ending my life. What if?

I wanted to just snap and escape from this hell I am in. I was so full of everything. It took me minutes bawling like a kid and keep mumbling “I don’t want anymore.” to myself. Thinking of what I will be leaving behind conjured tears that flooded my eyes and what I am running from shattered me - piece by piece they have broken me. I lost myself in the battle of fleeing or staying, not able to fathom what I didn’t want anymore. Until I felt the last drop of depression that I have been keeping to myself making its way down my cheek. I have had a breakdown before, but it is definitely not like this one. I was on the verge of giving everything up, tiptoeing along the edge, almost making the final jump - but I didn’t. Guess I was not weak enough. I emptied my bucket full of pain and now it’s just ready for more.