Life is almost always unfair, but life loves the person who dares to live it. It is hard, yeah, but it would be irresponsible to be pessimistic in a world full of possibilities.

I don't pick who I fall in love with. But if you could really sing, it helps.

   When I’m sad and alone, I always find myself wanting to succumb to it, just wanting to feel depressed and all. I make myself believe that nobody cares but me. That nobody understands myself than I do. I don’t know why but sometimes just feeling so lonely makes me feel better. It helps me love myself more, makes me realize how strong I’ve been, keeps me seeing that I have gone so far and gives me the will to still want to go on.

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     There are certain things that we say we won’t do again. That we will never ever make a choice that would lead to that same mistake. That we won’t get hurt. That next time, we’d be doing great. That we’ll succeed. But there are times when those things go our way more than we want them to, which is, like, never.

         Yung parang nananadya yung tadhana na masaktan ka ulit. Na magkamali ka ulit.

     Sabi nga ni Lemony Snicket, "Bad circumstances have a way of ruining things that would otherwise be pleasant."

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    It’s one thing that’s really hard to give into someone yet so easy to take back.

    Sobrang hirap niyan ibigay sa isang taong ilang araw mo pa lang nakilala pero sadyang may mga tao talagang unang araw pa lang ng pagkikita niyo, magaan na kaagad ang loob niyo sa isa’t-isa.

    Ang sarap sa pakiramdam kapag alam mong pinagkakatiwalaan ka ng mga tao sa paligid mo. And mas masarap sa pakiramdam kapag alam mong mapagkakatiwalaan mo rin sila. Hindi kasi kayo aabot sa puntong pagdududahan niyo ang isa’t-isa. Hindi kayo magkakaroon ng dahilan para mag-away.

    Pero once na nasira yan, jan na magsisimula ang lahat ng kaguluhan. Mahirap na kasi ibalik yan eh. Di na maiiwasang isipin niyo na may tinatago kayo sa isa’t-isa. Palagi ng nanjan ung pagdududa. Hindi mo na madetermine kung nagsasabi ba talaga siya ng totoo.

    Kaya ayun, kadalasan ito talaga ung dahilan kung bakit nasisira ang isang relasyon; maging pag-iibigan man yan o pagkakaibigan.

    So there, when you’re being trusted, make sure na hindi kayo gagawa ng ano mang bagay na ikasisira nung binigay sa inyong tiwala. Kasi hindi lang yun ung mawawala eh, pwede ring mawala ung taong minsang nagtiwala sa’yo.

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7 Wonders of Falling in Love

  • Meeting someone,
  • Getting to know him,
  • Understanding him,
  • Accepting him,
  • Loving him,
  • Misunderstanding and,
  • Remembering

     It’s just so sad to admit that not all relationships have happy endings. Minsan kasi, nakakapanghinayang lang.. Matapos lahat ng masasayang oras, araw, buwan at taon na pinagsamahan niyo, mawawala na lang lahat. Pero ayun nga, there’s always a right one for everyone.. We don’t have to rush things.. 

"Time is nothing."

     Well, that is if you’re a time traveler like Henry DeTamble. But you are not. So…

                                    "Timing is everything."

The way sadness works is one of the strange riddles of the world. If you are stricken with a great sadness, you may feel as if you have been set aflame, not only because of the enormous pain, but also because your sadness may spread over your life, like smoke from an enormous fire.You might find it difficult to see anything but your own sadness, the way smoke can cover a landscape so that all anyone can see is black. You may find that happy things are tainted with sadness, the way smoke leaves it ashen colors and scents on everything it touches. And you may find that if someone pours water all over you, you are damp and distracted, but not cured of your sadness, the way a fire department can douse a fire but never recover what has been burnt down.

—Lemony Snicket

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Love is a subject I can’t seem to pass.

   I take its exams.

   I do its projects.

   I  do some extra efforts for it.

   I make it a priority.

And still, I fail.

   Get hurt.

   Fall down.

   Lose myself.

   Look crazy.

But somehow beyond all the fall down,

I still find myself


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What’s so good about having crazy friends?

  1. You can hurt them physicaly and they’ll definitely hit you back.
  2. You can curse them in their faces then all of you will laugh.
  3. You can tell them all the crazy stuffs in your head then you’ll find out they are a lot crazier.
  4. With them, you’ll never feel that you’re alone.
  5. With them, you can be yourself all the time. To hell with other people!

No pretentions

No fiction

No shits

Psych says…

Did you know that the heart has no pain receptors? So the next time someone breaks your heart, move on.

   Your pain is just an ILLUSION.

A temporary psychological state that you have to overcome.

   in short…

It’s all in the mind.

If Cinderella’s glass slippers fit perfectly, why did it fall off along the way?

maybe it speaks about one important thing:

  Ang landi niya, iniwan-iwan niya para habulin siya.

Si Little Mermaid gusto magkaroon ng legs para MAKABUKAKA.

Si Sleeping Beauty nagtulug-tulugan para HALIKAN.

Si Snow White nagpatay-patayan para GAPANGIN.

Pansin mo? Puro lang kalandian ang turo ng fairytales…

Buti pa si DORA, pasyal pasyal lang.

Love is a subject I can’t seem to pass.

   I take its exams.

   I do its projects.

   I  do some extra efforts for it.

   I make it a priority.

And still, I fail.

   Get hurt.

   Fall down.

   Lose myself.

   Look crazy.

But somehow beyond all the fall down,

   I still find myself


Last night I was thinking…

     What if I just die now? 

Maybe it would be a lot better for me if I’d be gone.

Leave everything behind. My problems and all. Things I have done

that I regret so much ad the things I blame myself for not doing.

Memories that I’m trying to forget but couldn’t stop reminiscing

every single detail of them. Things that make my chest burst

everytime I see them. People that do nothing but gossip, insult and

criticize someone who they know nothing about. All of this things

will be gone I just die right this second.

     But then another thing hit my mind.

I’d also be leaving the ones I love. The ones I raelly care for. 

There are people who really care for me. Persons, who I know they

really do, that love me. I thought about how they would feel. What

would they do? Some, I think, would cry and then get on with 

their lives. But there are people who I fear that might not take it.

My family, my little siblings, and my father. We’re just getting the

hang of our loss of our mother. My father has already move on.

Well, it looks like he does. He’s playing with his other woman now.

Oh wait, make that women. I know he does. He does it when my

mom was still alive, what more now that she’s gone? But still,

I care for him. And you can easily replace a partner, but not a son.

And then, most of all, my sister. She has so much to carry with her

now, and I’m expected to help her when the time comes. I myself

want to do that. I know she’s strong but if I would be gone now,

I fear so much that she might not take it. She’d be devastated.

     After all, it is selfish to think about leaving everything behind.

Running away from things that hurt you will make you feel better

but running away from everything is another yet similar thing.

It would make you feel better, yeah, but it would kill you.

our hearts are hungry for the food that won’t come…

   There comes a time in our lives when we expect and hope for something that won’t happen. When we badly want something that would never be ours. When we fall so hard for someone who doesn’t even notice us. 

   And during that time we feel pain. We encounter frustrations. And whose fault is that? Who knows? Maybe it’s yours, or mine, or him, or her or maybe theirs. Who’s to blame? Life’s like that, it has always been like that. People has always been like that. We expect too much. We’ve always wanted something. We let ourselves get hurt. We just have to accept that some things just won’t go our way, the way we wanted it, the way we’ve expected it to happen. That’s just how life is.

sa panahon ngayon…

   Sa panahon ngayon, pag sinabi mong “Ok lang ako.”, ang dami ng hindi maniniwala sa’yo. Paano ba naman kasi, usong-uso na ngayon ang pagiging sarcastic. Usong-uso rin yung mga pamamaraan ng pananalita na palaging may double meaning. Pati yung mga salitang may hidden meaning. Ang alam ko katalinuhan ang ipinapakita ng mga ganyang pananalita pero ngayon kalokohan na.Kaya hindi tayo nagkaka-unawaan eh. Ngayon kasi, hindi na deretsahan kung magsalita ang mga tao. Palagi na lang may pinapahiwatig. Tapos kapag masyado ka namang prangka, kaiinisan ka. Sasabihin masyado kang diretso kung magsalita.. Eh tengene, ano gusto niyo naghuhulaan tayo?